Tuesday 12 August 2008

A Taste of Home and Journey

An update from both "A Taste of Home" (Anita´s book) and "Journey".

These are the images that Margaret has made in Anita´s book, "A Taste of Home". I am afraid the circumstances around taking these photos weren´t the best to show the fantastic colours in these pages, but I didn´t want to keep you waiting any longer, so I decided NOT to wait until tomorrow or the day after to have the opportunity to photograph in daylight. I think you can still get a good glimpse here.

And then a sneak preview of my work in Margaret´s "Journey". This book went on a journey with me, 700 kilometers north in Sweden and then back to Stockholm again.

"Journey" is now on it´s way to Jennifer in the US!


Anita Davies said...

OMG! Oh Margaret, I can't believe I get to keep these beautiful pages you've made in my little book. Thank you for being so personal in your choices of subjects, I feel I not only have a 'taste' of your home here but heaps of your personality too!
God, I can't wait to get my hands on this book again.

Nina, thank you for posting the photos and curing my anticipation. Your peek into Journey looks wonderful!

Margaret Ann said...

Glad you are enjoying my entries Anita...I have posted more shots on my blog today if you want to take a peek :)

Margaret Ann said...

Nina...Oooh how cool and refreshing...What a nice trip my little book is on...can't wait to see in person!:)