Tuesday 5 August 2008

Jennifer's Book Transitions Arrives...!

...TODAY...In the Desert Of Arizona!

(and a sigh of relief is heard around the world!)

Are you Ready for what follows?

It shook me to the core...and made me quiver in my boots!

This sketchbook exchange simply ROCKS!!!

Presenting Anita's art in Jennifer's book:

Click on photos to enlarge...

Transitions and I are going to have a ball!
Lots of surprise ahead for us this next month...WooHoo!

Stay tuned...the other sketchbooks should be posted soon!


E-J said...

Lovely lovely lovely! You two are on a real wavelength ... can tell just how excited you are by this exchange ... wonderful to see!

kazumiwannabe said...

It's wonderful - so full of fantasy and gorgeous colors!

Spinneretta said...

Beautiful... my favourites are the fish... and the letter on the counter :)
I can't wait to see what you add!!

Marva Plummer-Bruno said...

Oh this is awesome!!!!! You ladies do fabulous work!

Margaret Ann said...

Thanks everyone...We are so thrilled you are enjoying this adventure of ours! These photos look great...but your cannot believe the rush you get by holding the original art in your hands....I just gushed with joy at the post person when this package was delivered this morning...HE probably thought me to be a bit wonky..I cannot wait to add my touches as well...hmmm...I have a few ideas floating around as I write...now where's my sketchbook!!! LOL :)

Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

Fabulous... Jennifer's book is so creative and it looks like everyone has had so much FUN doing it.

Margaret Ann said...

Capt Elaine...you are so right...is is a blast! The toughest part is waiting to hear if your book arrived safely in the mail! Fingers are always crossed! LOL :)

Anita Davies said...

Thanks everyone.

Margaret-I agree, it is thrilling to hold these books in your hand. Looking fwd to your additions to this book.

Elaine-Jennifer's book really stretched me and took me in new directions I'm sure I wouldn't have otherwise explored.