Tuesday 29 July 2008

Multitude Has Arrived In The Fens

...and here is part of Jennifer's additions to Nina's book which I am simply enjoying for a while before making my own additions.

Wednesday 23 July 2008

It's a Bird...It's A Plane..."

NO! ...It's Anita's Maruman..."A Taste of Home"...
...boots dusted off...looking as "spiffy" as ever...winging her way
eastward away from the blazing heat of the Arizona desert
with fiery crimson colored skies painting her way
the cool green forests of northern Sweden
and the anxiously anticipated artistry of
Nina Johansson.
My, we had such fun together!...She will be greatly missed! :)
Next to arrive for a desert visit is Jennifer's "Transitions"
sent all the way from Anita in the fens.
I have open arms and a tall cool drink awaiting her! :)

Multitude is ready to leave Maine

I have finally finished my pages in Nina's Maruman called "Multitude". It is on its way to Anita tomorrow. Please forgive how long it has taken me to pass the baton. There is a lot going on in my life these days...

Monday 21 July 2008

"Brand New Peeks...!"

...Here they are...Fresh from the scanner...
A few teensy-tiny peeks
(to assure the surprise of the "big reveal" for each receiving artist...)
of my 10 new pages in Anita's Maruman sketchbook
"A Taste Of Home..."

Stay tuned...
our little adventure only gets better and better and better!
I cannot wait to get my next book!
JOY!...Margaret :)

Thursday 10 July 2008

Margaret´s Maruman arrived!

Margaret´s Maruman, called "Journey", arrived safely in Stockholm a few days ago. Since then it has been on a journey (which kind of suits the book well, doesn´t it?) through a large part of Sweden. I haven´t added anything to it yet, but I will somehow make use of the book´s new location when I start working on it.

I wanted to show you Margaret´s stunning pages in the book, they are so inspiring:

As if these pages weren´t enough, there are the cleverly designed sign-out pages too:

I won´t post the covers, I´ll leave that to later participants in the book. They are incredibly beautiful, but I wanted to save some bit of surprise for the rest of you! I´ll be back with a little sneak preview of my own pages in this beauty when I´m done.

Tuesday 8 July 2008

My 'Transitions' Teasers

As promised, a few sneak previews of my 10 pages in Jennifer's 'Transitions' Maruman.
All sketched from imagination and completed the same day...I had so much fun!

Monday 7 July 2008


Started my entries in Jennifer's 'Transitions' Maruman today.

...Rode by the seat of my pants

...Threw caution to the wind

...Forgot that I don't do much imaginative sketching

...Ignored the fact that Jennifer's sketches seemed to know EXACTLY where they were going

...No planning

...Sketched whatever came into my mind, as it came into my mind

...HAD A BALL!!!

As a result, I finished all of my 10 pages today and it is currently 'cooling down' on the studio table.
Will scan some teasers for you once it's cold enough to touch! LOL!

Friday 4 July 2008

MarumanX In The Newspapers

My newspaper column was based on the MarumanX project this week, if you'd like to read it you can find it on my blog HERE.

I have picked up extra copies of one of the papers my column is printed in for Margaret, Nina and Jennifer so I can send them each a copy!