Friday 26 September 2008

Journey's Last Journey

She's on her way home Margaret!

Sunday 21 September 2008

Nina's entries in Anita's Maruman

I haven't found any time to scan (as you know it is time consuming) Nina's beautiful pages in Anita's Maruman "A Taste of Home". I quickly took these photos, which are a little out of focus—sorry Nina.

Nina's painting of Stockholm which follows both Anita's and Margaret's pages.

Her sneakers and lamp follow, which leave me a few pages on this side for my taste of home...

Nina's living room which is followed by the books below and connects to Anita's teddy bear and her books which connects to Margaret's books and then it's my turn.

After I finish my pages it will go home to Anita.

I hope to scan these beautiful images after Thursday's move.

Sunday 14 September 2008

What A Journey

Yesterday morning I started a journey into Margaret's maruman.

As I went about my day; taking my eldest to cricket, washing 4 loads, taking a walk with Harry, cooking etc... Margaret's little book kept calling to me, like a magnet it drew me and before I knew it I had completed my pages.

Just the small section on the sign off page to complete and journey will be, once again, flying through the air.

I had such a great day with her!

Saturday 13 September 2008

Jennifer's Entries In Journey

How selfish of me to keep these beautiful paintings to myself for so long, sorry for the delay.
I shall delay no longer....These are Jennifer's entries into Margaret's maruman 'Journey'...


Tuesday 9 September 2008


Jennifer's little Maruman, "Transistions", and I landed at Sky Harbor International airport in Arizona early this morning returning from northern Illinois and a month of midwest "adventure". Hence, after having endured a thorough photo/scanning session this evening, she and I both are looking forward to a well deserved rest tonight!

But...come the morning..."Transistions" will depart, yet again. This time she will be flying solo to visit a bit with Nina in Sweden before she finally, finally heads home to Jennifer. This little traveller certainly will have many "miles" of creative experiences tucked between her pages! The wonders she will have seen...Lucky, lucky book!

Below, are three little peeks of my 10 pages in Jennifer's book...

"Transitions", you have personally taught me a great deal...It has been a rewarding adventure exploring my imagination with you by my side!
Bon Voyage! :)


of Nina's gorgeous Maruman "Multitude"!
And do I ever mean GORGEOUS!!!

Here are full views of the pages added by Anita...
why not grab a quick "cuppa somethin'"...get super comfy...and
be prepared for great joy!
You can click on each image to enhance your viewing pleasure.

I wish each of you could hold one of these books in person...
to be able to soulfully breathe in the spirit of each artist...
to sense a bond of kinship with each
by simply cradling their imagination in your very own hands.
It is truly blissful and inspiring...and definitely humbling!

So, that being said...are you ready?

Presenting...the "artistic brilliance" that is Anita...Ahhhh!

Monday 8 September 2008

A taste of home leaving town

A peak of my pages in Anita´s Maruman, A taste of home. I´ve had fun with it. The book is going to USA now, to see a new home.

Wednesday 3 September 2008

Journey is off to the Fens

Margaret's Maruman sketch book, "Journey ", has spent the past two weeks here in Maine. I have finished my entries and it is ready to go to Anita in the Fens, its last stop before returning home to Margaret in Arizona.

My first sailing experience. A week cruising downeast through the Penobscot Bay.

Late summer bouquet at the local farm stand near the beach. It's pick our own and as much as you can carry for $5.00 using a good old-fashioned honor system of cash placed in a slot. If you don't have enough money you come back later and pay what you owe. It's wonderful to know that this trust and good will still exist in the world.