Wednesday 1 October 2008

Margaret´s pages in Transitions

These are Margaret´s beautiful pages in Jennifer´s book Transitions. It landed safely in Stockholm a week ago. I thought I´d photograph these pages, since scanning doesn´t quite give the whole width of the images that belong together, but Stockholm´s been gray and rainy, and I´ve been coming home later than usual from work, which means LIGHT for photographing has become an issue. Lamps just don´t do it. I gave up tonight, and scanned the pages paired up in twos instead. I hope you can imagine how they belong together.

Below, Margaret lets her drawing continue from Anita´s. This is what is so great about this project, you get to intertwine your drawings with the other participant´s artwork where you think it fits, and to me that´s incredibly inspiring.

As I´m sure you can imagine, flipping through this book is quite spectacular, and knowing that the pages left in it are for me to fill is a bit scary...


Anita Davies said...

Margaret your work is always so uplifting...Beautiful pages.

Margaret Ann said...

Thanks Anita...This theme was most interesting wasn't it! :)