Wednesday 23 July 2008

It's a Bird...It's A Plane..."

NO! ...It's Anita's Maruman..."A Taste of Home"... dusted off...looking as "spiffy" as ever...winging her way
eastward away from the blazing heat of the Arizona desert
with fiery crimson colored skies painting her way
the cool green forests of northern Sweden
and the anxiously anticipated artistry of
Nina Johansson.
My, we had such fun together!...She will be greatly missed! :)
Next to arrive for a desert visit is Jennifer's "Transitions"
sent all the way from Anita in the fens.
I have open arms and a tall cool drink awaiting her! :)


Anita Davies said...

Margaret you rock! I wish you lived cIoser so I could spend real time with you, your positive attitude and sense of fun are alluring!
Thank you for taking care of my baby.

Margaret Ann said...

No problem Anita...She was a dream of a visitor...her "cuppa" habit though was a bit out of control...had to switch her over to the "icy mocha frappacino" side of desert life...LOL :) She chills rather well! :)