Saturday 14 June 2008

Relaxed Beginnings

A little teaser of my first spread in my Maruman entitled 'A Taste Of Home'.

So pleased to have started, once I did the subject choices were almost instinctive in this first batch and I felt quite relaxed as I sketched my way through four and a half pages.

Here's hoping the other six and a half go as smoothly.


Margaret Ann said...

WooHoo! You really are on the ball!And...I must confess...that I am actually so glad to hear you have six more pages to go...I figured I was way behind everyone...Guess we are all about at the same place. Yea! Can't wait to receive your book! I want to see sooooo so much more!

Nina Johansson said...

Oh, now you´ve got me all curious! I can´t wait to see it in reality!

Jennifer Lawson said...

Very cool, Anita. I am looking forward to seeing all of your art work in person as they sketchbooks make their way around the world and get to spend time in Maine.
I decided to space four vignettes through out my Maruman—two on each side. I have completed three and need to finish the fourth one before Wednesday as that begins the onslaught of three weeks of our families.
These days we are so busy with friends, activities and house showings that I have had little time to paint or draw. Just quick "un-post-worthy" food sketches from dinners out. So much for dieting...
Best to all

Anita Davies said...

Thanks all!
Managed a few more pages but still have some to go, been in Coltishall this week so hopefully will find time over the weekend.